Why so many accronyms? Nobody knows, but here is a list of them. BTW, why does wikia suck so bad? Hasn't anybody shown them how wiki markup is supposed to work?


  • AC: Attack Chance
  • AD: Attack Damage
  • AP: Action Points
  • BC: Block Chance
  • CHS: Critical Hit Skill
  • CM: Critical Multiplier
  • DR: Damage Resistance
  • ECC: Effective critical chance
  • HP: Health Points, Hit Points


  • BCr: Better Critical
  • BS: Bark Skin
  • CE: Corpse Eater
  • CS: Combat Speed
  • EB: enduring body
  • FM: Failure Mastery
  • HH: Hard Hit
  • IB: Internal Bleeding
  • IF: Increased Fortitude
  • MC: More Critical
  • MF: Magic Finder
  • PB: Pure Blood
  • QL: Quick Learner
  • SM: Strong mind
  • TH: Treasure Hunter
  • WA: Weapon Accuracy



  • BSS: Balanced Steel Sword
  • DotSP: Dagger of The Shadow Priests
  • JOF: Jewel of Fallhaven
  • PRoB: Polished Ring of Backstabbing
  • QSD: Quick Strike Dagger
  • VR: Villain's Ring
  • VLA: Villain's Leather Armor

Legendary & ExtraordinaryEdit

  • CHAR: Chaosreaper
  • ELYR: Elytharan redeemer
  • GoLF: Gloves of Lifeforce
  • RoL: Rapier of Lifesteal
  • RoLS: Ring of Lesser Shadow
  • SHAF: Shadow Fang
  • SRoV: Silk robe of Valugha
  • VSH: Valugha Shimmering Hat


  • BWM: Blackwater Mountain
  • BWMS: Blackwater mountain Settlement